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Where can I use a gift card?

You can use gift card online. On the website, you can only use e-gift card at checkout while placing your order.

How can I use a gift card at ethnic.pk?

Select the "Gift card" payment method and enter the Gift card number (16 digits)

  • Do not use any space between the mentioned coupon code, and letters should be in lower case.
  • For credit card orders, it will be deducted from the total amount of the order.
  • In case your order amount exceeds the face value of coupon, it will be payable at the time of delivery for COD orders.
  • Gift card will be valid for 3 months.

What happens if I return a product purchased on Ethnic.pk with a gift card?

The amount will be reimbursed by topping up the available balance on the Gift card as long as the Gift card exists at the time of the return. If for some reason it does not exist, the reimbursement will be made via voucher.

Do gift cards expire?

Gift cards are valid for 3 months from the time of issuance.